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Fish Amino Nutrients - Special Whole Sale Price Call
1)Fish Amino Nutrients Can Be Used For All Plants And Trees .
2)It is Source Of Amino Acid & Humic Acid For Plants.
3)It Can Be Sprayed Or Used On Soil.
4)Enhances The Growth Of Plants,
5)Its Is wholly Prepared From Natural Products.
6)You Can Expect 30% to 40% More Growth.
7)Fish Amino Nutrients.5Ml For Spray And 10Ml For Soil Will Make Wonders in Plants & Trees

Fish Amino Nutrients -Organic Fertilizer Liquid - Plant Growth Promoter - Increases crop yield by gives 30%-40%..

Is Processed form Whole Fish, Spirulina , Banana , Potato, Turmeric, Curd, Seaweed extract Naturally available Ingredients Chemicals Free, which make it a best available productive product and contains Amino , Minerals , Vitamins, and Enzymes required for Healthy Plant Growth.

When sprayed early in the morning, the colour of leaves to green colour within hours and induces early growth of new leaves in days . Increases crop yield by gives 30%-40%..

1 Liter Organic Fertilizer Soluble in 250 Ltrs Water For Spraying

1 Liter Organic Fertilizer Soluble in 200 Ltrs Water For Soil Application

Used On Vegetables, Fruits, Spice, Rice.

We can Supply at Special Price for 100Ltrs - Marketing Partner / Bulk purchase / Wholesale / Distributors / Re sellers .

Dhanush Agro Farms Qty Required Call / Whatsapp 88255 36469


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