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Fertilizer for CHILLI Crops


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Dear Farmers,

100% Organic High Yield Fertilizer WIN-EA-CROP increases CHILLI Crops yields by 50% to 100%.

WIN-EA-CROP provides 2way nutrition that improves Soil fertility and CHILLIES Crops yields, fetching highest income to the Farmers.

WIN-EA-CROP is Eco-friendly and absolutely safe Herbal formula with world’s most advanced SMMAAP technology, promotes rich green growth & higher yields and improves resistance to microbial diseases.

WIN-EA-CROP technology is nominated for WORLD FOOD PRIZE (USA), certified by various Agriculture Universities, Government Research Institutions and OF&G (UK). Represented to the Honorable Central Agriculture Minister in support of SECOND GREEN REVOLUTION aimed to Double the farm-productivity and farmers income.

We are welcoming Farmers to utilize WIN-EA-CROP for DOUBLED Yields & higher Income.

To buy WIN-EA-CROP Organic high yield Fertilizer or for more information, email to

DK Prabhaakar,
Advaanced Biotech Research Projects,
WIN-A-CROPP Projects (Mfg & Mktg),
# 104, Surya Prabha Paradise,
Door No: 18-1-21/14, Maharanipet,
Visakhapatnam-530002, A.P., INDIA.
Tel & Fax: +91-891-2754178 ,
Mobile : +91-98481-95999 .
E-mail id:

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)