Job Available Farm workers at pomegranate plantation


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hi, have 5-acre pomegranate plantation, as of now need 2 men, later in jan22 may need 2more men, let me if available.. what would be monthly pay...


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Please give me more about this job opportunity including location ( state also ), facilities provided, package...etc.
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hi, I am from Chintamani, Chikkaballapur Dist,. 65KM from K R PURAM, 90KM from Bangalore, have 6acrs of Pomegranate plantation, of which 4acrs are 16-17 months old and 2 acres are 4-5 months old, looking male workers who can take care of the plantation, and planning to add up with few goats/sheep along with, which they need to take care, right now required 2-3 male later after Jan 2more required, can pay 13-14K per person per month, with cylinder ( NO grocery). have rooms to stay with 24 hrs water and power in the farm with fully fenced land. any contractor/agent can organize pls contact me.


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I am farm labour recruiter.
Sijish Nambiar
Chittamani taluk is familiar to us recruited 2 couples...reference may be given.

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