For Sale Farm land 100+ acre for DAIRY PROJECT @ TIRUNELVELI



Farm land needs urgent basis:

Farm land 100plus acre with Approach tar/mud road minimum 20feet, plain, levelled,red soil with high water holding capacity with elecricity with surplus water source anywhere in west part of Tirunelveli, our price 2000/cent. if readily available, please contact to SARONI AGRI FARM DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, TIRUNELVELI,TAMILNADU. WhatsApp TO 9842157331 ,9442379331/ CONTACT TO 9994223396.


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Odor is a big problem in Food Industries, Dairy Farms, Slaughter Houses, Food Parks, Sugar Mills etc. Also, Pollution Control Boards have certain rules & regulations which have to be comply by all the Industries in this regards.

We provide cheap and effective Microbial Culture for removing Odor instantly, ETP/STP, Quick Composting of Solid Waste, Waste water Treatment and Natural Cleaning Of Pond & Lagoons and reduces sludge of Agri & solid / organic waste.
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