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good to know Sainath.

requesting to publish Quality (Certificate of Analysis from a 3rd party analytical Lab)
and Nutritional fact file of your product on the site.

would like to know your educational background - are you a plant cell Bio-technologist, specialist (PhD in spirulina production) any reference from University in India? pl declare and authenticate your training programme on spirulina production please, this is a humble request as too many me too spirulina specialists are mushrooming and contaminating the super food Value! which 'am concerned and taking it with concerned ministry, Govt of India.

do you know why the colour of spirulina is as such?
can you define combination of the colour's potentials?
can you elaborate on Chain of Fatty acid present in Spirulina?
Name 5 of the EFA chain link and their importance to Us.
Do you spray dry the slurry?
if not - you shall literally Slow Kill the Users!

Where do you Stand Sainath!

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Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!