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Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System

We bringing the benefits of hydroponic container garden to everyone, with complete kits that are Simple; Smart; Space Saving; Water Saving; Easy to Maintain; No Weeding; No Ground

Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System is an efficient drip irrigation system and is extremely suitable for larger, long-term crops such as vine tomatoes, peppers (capsicum), cucumbers and even roses. Many different types of herbs like basil, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme and oregano can be successfully grown in this system. A variety of leafy greens such as lettuces, kale and spinach thrive in these pots. The possibilities are endless!Can be used for normal soil type gardening also.

Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System are suitable for drip irrigation systems. The overflow outlet can be connected into a central 1 inch
drainpipe. The Dutch Bucket measures 12-in x 10-in x 9-in (LxWxH). Dutch Buckets are made from food-grade polypropylene.IMG_20210705_192929.jpg

System Includes

20 Dutch Bucket, reservoir, pump, pressure of regulating head, pipes, hydroponic medium, Nutrients,and timer.

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