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Dear All,

We are looking for Distributors (Areawise)all over India for our Herbal Hair Oil Product called "Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil".

About the Product : Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil

1.Controls Hair Fall
2.Enables faster hair growth
3.Promotes new Hair growth
4.Eradicate Dandruff
5.Clears off Hair Lice
6.Moisturizes dry hair
7.Adds Luster, Shine and Softness to Hair
8.Prevents premature hair greying

This Oil is manufactured in Chennai and is used by thousands of satisfied customers in India.
Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil is 100% natural. Clinically tested and certified as per ISO standards.

40% Margin for Distributors. (Minimum purchase : 500 bottles)

Interested people/companies with willingness to become Distributors/ Wholesale / Agents, do reach out to us at gileadhherbal@hotmail.com or call me at 7305860061

Website : EL Shaddai

Buy Online : Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control and Hair Re-growth

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gilea...95996377240305