Question Difference between agriculture science and agriculture engineering


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In agricultural sciences you study on the crop production process, the various surfaces related to it like spreading, tillage, the diseases related with it, It is a wide field. In farm machinery you get to study about tractors, farm equipment used in the agricultural fields and the pests. Mostly it is more of agronomony, soil science and horticulture study. You just get to know the fundamentals of the practical. But in agricultural engineering we have four departments namely Farm machinery and power engineering, Irrigation engineering, soil and water conservation, Post Harvest and food processing. It is a broad field. In farm machinery you get to learn about tractors, farm equipments used in the agricultural fields.


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Our friend explained is correct. Agriculture science is a part of Agricultural science since we are the earlier man using tools such as country plough, to tractor, mover (comnbiner) right from dibling/transplanting to harvesting , post harvesting technology which are inseparable . The Agricultural Engineering deals with land survey, leveling, contouring, farm mechanisation, irrigation dealing with all the tools and machinery used for agricultural operations.

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