Desi chicken


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Is some one comments on its workability.

business is differ with the choice and interest of the person.

I am suggesting you EGG Business.

country chicken (ghawti murgi) 1000 Nos.

you will fetch around 500 to 600 egg daily

Local market prize is more than 5 Rs.

If cost you 1 Rs. as Expenses

you will fetch net prize of 4/-

4/- * 500 = 2000

2000 * 30 Day = 60,000/- PM

for this you need net fence with upper cover you can use fish net too.

feeding cost

use middle space of your tree with side cover with net.

attached with one room for night.

Capital Cost : 1000 * 200 = 200000/-
+ Room

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Hello Sir,
Country Chicken egg business is really a good idea. You have to ask an experts advice. The feed cost is the main concern for your business. Country Chicken lays 1/3 eggs of a hybrid layer. The Price of the eggs vary from time to time.
We wish our sincere appreciation in your endeavors.
All the best,


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desi chiken

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    very good sugition


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Hello Sir,

I am very much interested in starting the country chicken egg business. Kindly send me more details to my email address.

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