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Dear Farmers ! Harvest HIGH yields


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Dear Farmers,

WIN-EA-CROP High Yield Organic Fertilizer is the only fertilizer in the world to INCREASE the yields of below Crops by a minimum of 30% to 75%.

Rice (Paddy)
Wheat, Barley
Maize, All Cereals
Pulses like Redgram, Greengram, Blackgram, Bengalgram, Horsegram etc
Oil Seeds like Gingilly, Sunflower, Oil Palm, Groundnut, Mustard, Soya etc.
Spice Crops, Medicinal Crops, Aloevera Plantation
Rubber Plantations
Sugarcane Plantations
Coffee Plantations
Banana Plantation
Tuber / Root Crops (including Turmeric).

Organic Fertilizer WIN-EA-CROP improves Soil fertility and Crops Yields, fetching highest income to the Farmers.

WIN-EA-CROP is Eco-friendly Organic product and absolutely safe Herbal formula processed with world’s most latest SMMAAP technology, promotes rich green growth, highest yields & quality, resistance to Viral, Fungal & Bacterial diseases and minor pests.

WIN-EA-CROP is successfully tested and certified by Agriculture Universities, Government Research Stations and officially nominated for WORLD FOOD PRIZE FOUNDATION, USA. Certified as Organic product by OF&G of UK. It is also represented to various State and Central Governments in support of SECOND GREEN REVOLUTION targeted to DOUBLE the farm-productivity and farmers income.

We are welcoming Farmers to utilize WIN-EA-CROP for DOUBLED Yields & higher Income.

To buy WIN-EA-CROP Organic high yield Fertilizer or for for information, email to

DK Prabhaakar, CEO.,
Advaanced Biotech Research Projects,
WIN-A-CROPP Projects (Mfg & Mktg),
# 104, Surya Prabha Paradise,
18-1-21/14, Maharanipet,
Visakapatnam-530002, A.P., INDIA.
Telefax: +91-891-2754178
Mobile : +91-98481-95999.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)