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Experienced Dairy farmers / consultants, please inform.

How much can one COW earn Profit (AVERAGE) per year.

Which is more profitable - Cow or Buffalo.




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Quantity of milk Produced by cattle

Dear Manohar

A cow or Buffalow milking duration is roughly 10 months after delivery which is 300 days. If a cattle is giving 10 ltrs daily it 3000 ltrs. Per litre cost of milk is say Rs 20/- then you are earning Rs 60,000/-. The cost of one cattle is approx 25 to 30 thousand Rs. The fodder cost would be around Rs 20,000/-. So your profit will be approx Rs 10,000/- from one cattle + the calf which will also develop into cattle after two years.



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Setting Up Dairyfarm

I'm planning to set up a dairy farm in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. Initially I want to start with 50 buffalows. Please let me know the returns after one year if I'm going for Murrah type of buffaloes. How much land is required for the same. Eventually, I don't have any issue for land as I'm sole owner for 50 acres of land.

Yateesh Kandi
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dear manohar,
so for my experiance with jersy cows are very expensive to maintain compared to our native cattle breeds,further maximum you can sell the cow milk only for 12Rs/Ltr.finally you can get only Rs.20 per day for 1 cow.


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hi ,
if the cows peak production at the inital stage of lactation is 10 lts it will decrease slowley, might be at end of 300 days we will be getting only 1 liter per day , so the peak period will last for say three months and it will start reducing a ltr every month so the point of 3000 lits we cant get we can expect about 1800 + lts and rest based on your cow maintainace. the rate for the milk is base on your marketing skills, if you are suppling to milk societys based on the FAT and SNF the rate will be fixed in my exp. we can get Max of 14 to 15 if we have a fat greater than 4.1 and snf 8 +, but in case you are marketing to the direct consumer you hit the jack pot, can sell for Rs20 per lts without worrying abt Fat and SNF.Just sharing my Exp.

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