Dairy farming (buffaloes)


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The importance of food science and technology for improving the human beings quality of life is highlighted by the rising search for healthy food, with high nutritional value, available and accessible to people.With this, the investigation of alternative food sources has been the subject of extensive researches in the last decades.Buffalo’s milk is promising in this context, since it has a superior nutritional value due to the high levels of fat, protein and minerals (specially calcium and phosphorus), that can be consumed in natural and may be used as raw material for producing diary products, varying in accordance to each regional culture1, 2 savu.

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Moreover, buffalos are extremely rustic and demonstrate a high adaptation capacity, being able to survive in diverse environments with huge weather variations, relief and vegetation, so growing them is very economically feasible. More than Five percent of the world’s milk comes from Buffaloes. Buffaloes milk is used in much the same way as cow’s milk. It is high in fats and total solid, which gives it a rich flavour. Many people prefer it to Cow’s milk and are willing to pay more for it.

In India, where in Mumbai area alone an estimated 10,000 new born calves starved to death each year through lack of milk. The demand for Buffalo milk in India (About 60% of the milk consumed over 80% in some states) is reflected in the prices paid for a litre of milk;about 130 paisa for cow’s milk compared with about 200 paisa for buffallo milk Twelve of the Eighteen major breeds of buffallo are kept primarily for milk production (although male may be used for traction & all animals are eventually used for meat.) The main milk breeds of India & kistan are the murrah, Nile/Ravi,Surti, Mehsana, Nagpure, & Jafarabad.

Cost Estimation

  • Plant Capacity 6250 Lt/Day
  • Land & Building (15000 sq.mt.) Rs. 9.60 Cr.
  • Plant & Machinery Rs. 2.02 Cr.
  • W.C. for 1 Months Rs. 46 Lacs
  • Total Capital Investment Rs. 14.05 Cr.
  • Rate of Return 14%
  • Break Even Point 65%

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