Consultancy for Stevia

We are providing the consultancy for the stevia cultivation. Stevia is very good crops which gives very good return. It gives very good return. The crops is cultivates for 5 years. Once it is plantaed it can give production up to five years. The leaves of the crop is harvested after every five years.

This is very good time for the stevia plantation. The monsoon time is very good for the stevia crop.

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Stevia Cultivation in India & North East

Stevia cultivation training program

Organic Innovation is organizing a 2 days Stevia (natural sugar plant) and Medicinal Plant’s Cultivation Training Program .You can have complete guide to growing, harvesting, and marketing stevia leaves .Valuable information is compiled from growers, research trials, and the author’s own experience. Includes stevia leaf buyers, sellers, and other resources. Practical Training provided by the Technical experts having experienced of 12-15 years.Attendy could be individuals, Co-operates and rural farmers. Session includes market strategic, availability, future of medicinal plant,trading and export opportunities various knowledgeable information available for entrepreneur.Training also include knowledge about organic farming,Aloevera, Ashwangandha,Coleus, Lemon Grass,Khas.
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1.The complete information about commercial cultivation of medicinal plants and Stevia cultivation.
2.Before starting cultivation what parameters has to be taken?
3.Include field level primary processing /value addition activities.
4.Converting your business into small scale industries ?
5.On what parameters/standard Medicinal cultivation done?
6.Marketing aspects & services?
7.Profit percentage from single buyer and how much it is effective?
8.Guarantee of Buy back guarantor?
9.Certified plant saplings and seeds, surety of certification and standardization of material?
10.How can you choose any medicinal plants according to your place climate, Land soil and water availability?
11.List of Government certified & approved Herbal plants?
12.Climatically conditions, environmental improvement and soil improvement.
13.Employment to unemployed people?
14.Promotions of Herbal plants according to Government Schemes?
15.Medicinal farming through organic preparation?
16.Cultivation of Medicinal plants with minimum water level?
17.Safety about climatic diseases in Medicinal Herbs?
18.How to prepare nursery of Medicinal plants?
19.Subsidy from Central and State Government?
20.Formalities for Organic Certification?
21. Bankable projects and bank loan?


1.Vermicompost processing unit.
2.Stevia Farm Visit
3.Aloe-Vera farm visit and technical knowledge about sowing, harvesting, marketing and export.
(a) How to extract pulp from Aloe-Vera leaf?
(b) How to extract Juice from leaf?
4.Lemongrass farm visit.


Training Duration:- 2 days

Training Time:- 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Training Place:- Guwahati

Training Type:- Residential Training


We are providing following facilities to trainee :

• Accommodation + Food
• Farm visit

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