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Article Conservation of nutrients


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Conservation of nutrients :
Saving nutrients during the process of cooking is called conservation.
Importance of nutrients:
The nutrients is the important for everyone's life , it plays a major role in metabolism, growth and function of the body.
The lack of nutrition or malnutrition causes many diseases in both child and the adult .
In order to avoid the malnutrition allowing steps should be taken:
How to conserve the nutrients while cooking:

Choose fresh foods that are not over-ripe, bruised, cut or scraped.
Wash vegetables before cutting. Soaking or washing time should be reduced to minimize nutrient loss.
Cut vegetables into big pieces so that exposure of vitamins to water is less while cooking and washing.
Use a vegetable peeler to remove skin as it helps remove only a very thin layer of skin.
Use minimum water for cooking. Bring the water to boil and add the vegetables to cook.
Cook vegetables by steaming and pressure cooking to conserve nutrients.
Cover the vessel with a lid while cooking as it hastens cooking.
Vegetables salads should be prepared just before serving to conserve nutrients.
Use acids such as lime juice or vinegar to salads as it prevents loss of Vitamin C since Vitamin C is stable in acid.
Store foods in a cool, dark place.
When boiling, add the raw food to the boiling water rather than to cold water.
Steaming is a way of cooking with a minimum amount of water.
If possible use the cooking water for gravies, sauces or soups as it is a source of water-soluble vitamins and elements (minerals).
Cook for the minimum time necessary to make the food palatable and safe.
Do not use baking soda to help keep the green colour of vegetables, as this increases loss of vitamin C.
Do not use copper utensils. (Copper helps to destroy vitamin C.)
Soak whole pulses overnight and other dhals for one hour before cooking.
Use the leftover dhal water to make us of it .

For further details contact,
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)