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Cone crusher machine should pay attention matters in the process


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1 Machine work cone crusher note:
(1) the middle ore must give in the distribution of the disk, are not allowed to be directly into the crushing cavity ore. This enables to prevent crusher overload, making the lining uneven wear.
The right to mine conditions are: ore distribution plate and uniformly dispersed in the crushing cavity, feeding ore not high rolling mortar wall level.
(2) the largest crusher feed size is less than or equal to 85% to the mine mouth size, otherwise it will lead to: reduce the output of crusher, cone crusher and some other parts are damaged.
(3) crusher no load starting, starting load will cause an accident.
(4) when parking, must first stop feeder, and let has entered into the crushing cavity ore crushing after discharge, the crusher parking.
(5) crusher work should always check the pressure and hydraulic pressure station case locking system, found that the problem timely treatment.
2 cone crusher production
Cone crusher yield, and the feeding mode, feed size, row ore block size, ore physical and mechanical properties, temperature and other relevant, wide range, factory output is briefly given under specified conditions by weight.
3 The replacement of rolling mortar wall
Rolling mortar wall with U screw to adjust the ring in, between injection of zinc alloy, which closely, the new installation or replacement of the rolling mortar wall, working in 6 - 8 hours later, we should check the fastening situation, and once again tighten U screw.
4 The replacement of taper crushing wall
Taper crushing wall is fixed on the conical body with a conical head, a zinc alloy casting between the two walls of 6-8 hours, work cone new installation or the new replacement after crushing, should check the fastening, fastening loose shall immediately.
5 The mobile crusher screening plant in nigeria gear
The circular plate due to friction wear, change the gear clearance, for the normal meshing gear must ensure the bottom cover additional shim, shim thickness should be equal to the amount of wear plate.
6 The bowl type bearing and sealing device
Install a bowl type bearing, pay attention not to make the steel wire rope broken oil retaining ring (available hardwood material support between the wire rope).
When assembling, supporting spherical should be scraping, ensure the crushing cone and a bowl shaped cross spherical outer circle of the inner annular contact should ensure that the clearance of 0.35 - 0.5mm.
The bowl shaped bushing is fixed on with nails bowl type bearing frame lock on the Ba alloyed peripheral perfusion, prevent the bowl like Bush along the circumferential direction of rotation.
Bowl type bearing frame and the frame body by keys (PIN) fixed, if found in the work bowl type bearing frame and the frame body gap must be treated immediately.
7 cylindrical bushing
The cylindrical bushing and the frame body into third transition fit, turning in order to prevent the bushing, and the bushing into zinc alloy in the groove at the upper part, the replacement of the new liner should be prepared according to the actual size of the frame body, because the cost of jaw crusher in nigeria after long time working and handling must cause the change of matching relationship. If excessive gap cause the liner rupture.
8 conical bushing
The conical sleeve and the eccentric hollow shaft to study together, to prevent the injection of zinc alloy cone sleeve to rotate, zinc alloy to fill the gap, because of the heat injection zinc alloy sake may cause deformation of the taper sleeve, so the new cone sets a good check size D1, D2 and B should be promptly corrected the incorrect, manufacturing spare parts should be the actual size of the inner diameter of the eccentric sleeve is formulated in order to maintain the original mix.
9 spring
The action of the spring is when the 30 50tph sandstone impact crusher in nigeria is not damaged protection crusher entered can not be broken material, so the crushing force pressure and crusher spring to adapt, crusher spring when in normal work is not moving, only to fall into the iron of the crusher overload when lift the supporting sleeve occurrence compressed spring phenomenon in the crushing chamber.
Details of the upper cone machine in normal jumping during working, this is not a normal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed, the causes, take measures to eliminate the error, if the compression spring not only can not work normally, but parts of the damage may occur, because the compression spring will cause the increase of crushing force.
There are several reasons caused by upper beating crusher:
A. to mine to mine uneven or too much
B. to the ore contains too many pieces and powdered ore or humidity is too big
C. port of discharge gap is too small.
10 The machines exposed rotary part, should be added to the shield, but the protective cover provided by the users themselves.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)