Comprehensive Dairy Farming Hand Book and Bankable Project Report



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The Dairy Farming Handbook has been prepared with the help of various agricultural scientists, owners of commercial dairy farms and latest sources to provide comprehensive knowledge about dairy farming in the simplest way possible.

The handbook contains step-by-step information about setting up a dairy farm and carrying out day to day operations in the most efficient way possible.

The handbook is illustrated with pictures for better understanding and to provide practical knowledge to the owner of any dairy farm. Several presentations have been included in the package to manage day to day operations e.g. Fodder Conservation, Fodder Rotation, Vaccination Schedule, Care of Calves, Common Diseases and Methods of Treatment etc.

The bankable project report provided along with this has a 100% success rate for acquiring a loan from any bank. The report is provided in ‘Excel Format’ and provides an option for customization to suit your project perfectly.

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As this Dairy Farming Handbook has been prepared by the pioneers in the field of Dairy Farming, Agricultural Consultants and Chartered Accountants, this package is more than what one needs to set up and run a successful modern dairy farm.

Comprehensive Dairy Farming Handbook and Bankable Project Report Cost: Rs. 10,000

Note: The price is minuscule in comparison to the content and knowledge provided in the 130 pages of the hand book which would ensure successful project implementation.

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Very important topics in addition to various valuable information included in the handbook are as follows:

Introduction to Dairy Farming
Market Survey
Advantages of Dairy Farming
Types of Breed
Dairy and Breed selection
Animal Selection steps with picture
Cattle selection score card
Land Requirement
Farm shed layout and material details (including architectural details)
Equipment details with local equipment seller
Age Detection steps with picture
Vaccination Schedule
Reproduction cycle with picture
Care of new born calves
De-corning, De-worming and Tagging
Different Types of Feeds
Feeding Ratio based on Age and Litre of milking
Home made Concentrate feed making
Green Fodder cultivation step by step details
Dry fodder preparing method
Calf Replacer
Silage making steps with picture
Farm cleaning and Normal Practice in Farm
Workers daily working schedule in farm
Record Maintenance for extra profit