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Project Reports for Agricultural Term Loans form Commercial Bank, Cooperatives and other Financial Institui
Capital formation is important for agricultural development

We will prepare all types of project Reports for the following agricultural developmental activities. If any progressive farmer approaches the Bank for Agril.Term Loans ,please refer to us .

• Land Development – Leveling, Fencing ,Land Reclamation
• Minor Irrigation /Sprinklers/Drip Systems/Solar Pumps/Pipelines/Pumpsets etc
• Dairy farming /Calf Rearing/Male Buffaloe calves
• Poultry-layers, Broilers,Turkeys,Quails,Ducks,Emu farming
• Sheep, Goats – stall fed units
• Horticulture – Mango, Guava, Sweet Orange, Coconut ,Citrus, Karonda & Projects under National Horticulture Board
• Medicinal Plants –Safed Musli, Stevia, Aloe vera etc, Projects under National Medicinal Plants Board
• Vermi Compost
• Gobar gas/Power generation with gobargas
• Agricultural Machinery-Tractors, Combiners, Transplanters
• Cold Storage units
• Shade net cultivation, Poly houses
• Floriculture –Jasmin, Rose, Mary gold, Crossandra, gerbara and others etc
• Farm Forestry – Subabul,Eucalyptus,Teak and Casurina
• Sandal wood cultivation in orchards like citrus, Mango, guava etc
• Plant Nurseries
• Mushroom cultivation
• Silage making , fodder cultivation
• Milk Collection Centres, Dairy
• Rural Godowns
• Organic Farming
• Take Over of Loans
• MSME units
• Food Processing units/Rice Mills
• Feed Manufacturing units

Please contact us for project report for availing Bank term loan:

G.Ananda rao B.Sc(Ag)
Agri Finance consultant,
Vijaya Agro & SME Consultants
Mobile: 9703128495
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