Coleus The Cash Herb


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Coleus the medicinal herb is a highly profitable crop for farmers. It is coleus forskohlli. This is mostly cultivated in South India especially in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.


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coleus dry root

we can supply any amount of coleus forskohli dry roots as well as wet from Tamilnadu from where you can get the best variety with high percentage of forskohli content.


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This Coleus is Plectranthus barbatus

Plectranthus barbatus, or more commonly known as Coleus forskohlii syn Coleus barbatus and Indian Coleus

There are other two medicinally important Coleus:
Coleus amboinicus syn Coleus aromaticus{Plectranthus amboinicus}
Coleus vettiveroides{Plectranthus vettiveroides}

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