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Grow bags are the alternative method of planting directly into green house soil. The space could be used more efficiently throughout the year and high yields from a small space. The plants would not get infected by soil-borne diseases.

It saves time and labor. No digging or soil preparation needed. We can provide holes for planting.

Our Coir peat Grow bags / Planks are of high quality, it gets decomposed to manure, rich in nutrients for plant growth and heavy crops. They're particularly useful to avoid repeated use of the same tired soil in a greenhouse. Also irrigation and feeding become so easy and when the crop is finished, the coir peat de compost provides a very good mulch to spread around the garden.

The plastic outer layer in Grow Bags can be removed and reused.

We have the two basic sizes available & we are able to make bags of various sizes & structure of the medium to suit individual greenhouse crops. Any farmer or garden lover could start growing plants quite successfully with a grow bag.

Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!

Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!