Coconut Farm land required for Lease in tirunelveli District for Dairy Farm.


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Respected all,

I am planning to start a dairy farm in around Tenkasi/Senkottai area in tirunelveli district, For that i need coconut farm land for lease.

My minimum lease requirement is 7 years and if it's more than that it's mostly welcome.

As i am planning to follow organic practices, it would be helpful if the existing farm owner will accept for that.

Plan to start with 3-4 cows on the first batch within 3 months after the initial green feed is ready.

From there on the farm will be taken to new heights with addition of 2 cows and 1 calf for every 2-3 months.

As coconut oil cake is important for me for the feed preparation, i am looking for coconut farm only.

I do the cultivation of Maize, Jowar, Cotton and groundnut for the feed purpose only as inter-crops to coconut.

If any one interested in leasing the land or those have the land and wish to join with me can reply me here.

I am looking for investees also at a profit rate of 5-6% P/A on any type of investment.

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