Coal briquetting plant

Coal briquetting plant can be used to make coal dust/fines/ash into briquettes of oval shape, pillow shape, egg shape etc. Briquetting plant also can be used to make briquettes from coke fines, charcoal powder, carbon black, iron ore fines, mineral powder, metal dust, cast iron dust, mill scale, manganese ore fines, fluorite powder, gypsum powder, ferrosilicon powder, and phospho gypsum powder, nickel alloy, blast furnace ash, converter dust, coal gangue, Kaolin clay, MgO, NPK, graphite, oil shale, potash fertilizer, urea fertilizer, sea sand powder etc.
Coal briquetting plant with advantages of high pressure, high molding rate, high output, easy operation, and stable quality.
Introduction of briquetting plant for sale
The raw material which has high content water will be dried by the rotary dryer. If there were several mixed kinds of materials, the materials after been dried will be reasonable distributed by the electrical dosing machine. And they will be conveyed to the crusher to be crushed into fines via belt conveyor. The crushed fines will be mixed by the double shaft mixer with some binder. These mixed materials will be conveyed to increasing density machine through belt conveyor. After that, the materials will be transmitted to briquetting machine to make briquettes. Final briquettes will be conveyed to vertical dryer or chain type dryer or belt dryer to be dried. After been dried, these briquettes will be delivered to storage area or directly loaded. The whole briquette production line could be designed according to customer demand.