Article Clean milk Production.


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Clean milk Production

Milk containing dirt, dust, foreign materials high bacterial count and with off, flavour is called a contaminated milk. Milk is contaminated by various sources like Udder, Exterior of cows body, milking barn, flies, milker, utensils etc. On consumption of contaminated milk, one may get a’ number of health problems. The steps in clean milk production are discussed below with their relative importance.

The animal should be washed before milking.
Washing of cows is best practice to minimize the bacterial entry.
If calf is allowed for sucking, udder may be moist, cleaned with weak disinfectant solution later with fresh, clean water and wiped dry with a smooth and clean cloth.
Hands of the milker should be clean and dry. Wet hand milking may result in high bacterial count in the milk.
Nails of hands of the milker should be well trimmed.
Milker should be free from all diseases.
Dusty feed like Rice polish should not be fed to the animal at the time of milking.
Milking barns should be well ventilated free from flies.
Utensils used for milking should be clean, sanitized, smooth and copper free.
Flavour producing feeds should be fed only after milking So that flavours will not appear in milk.
The hind legs and the switch of the animal be tighted with the help of a milk man’s rope at the time of milking.
Milk is kept in cool place to maintain the flavour and keeping quality.
Milk should be covered with lids to avoid dust, dirt, entry hot, or cold, day light or strong artificial light, all at which tend to decrease milk quality.
Raw milk with not exceeding 2,00,000 specific count in one ml of milk can be graded as very good Milk.

It is concluded that clean milk production improves the self life of milk as well as quality of milk. Clean and quality milk enhance consumers' health benefits.

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