Land Required Cheap land any where India


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Interested. Please assist or call on 8179492259
150 acres/part of barren land (@ Rs.60, 000/acre) & 8 acres mango plantation (@ Rs. 8 lakh/ acre) is available in Kokan, Maharashtra at Dehen, 28 kms. from Mandangad on Anjarle Rd. Road, water & electricity can be made available. Titles are clear.


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Dear sir,

as per ur need land available in odisha from 80k.m distance from state capital bhubaneswar,but the budget will be little bit higher as u stated , if u interested then we can proceed .
We*need 30-50 acres of Plan land in the range50000 to 1 lakh .
Can you update me*the rate and other details (if possible some pictures and Google location) to my whatsapp*no 09821611329.
We are basically intrested for Solar Power generation as well as Agriculture with good business model. We want to purchase immediately.*
Pls update as earliest as possible.


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Hi Navneet,

Can you please confirm the below details,

1. Confirm the village or city name in Anantapur
2. What kind of soil it is?
3. How much cost of one Acer

Thank you,
Anil Kumar


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hi , i am in urgent need of cheap agriculture land. Can you pls call me : 08879417911

u will get land at 10000-15000 rs per acre in nanded maharastra.

hi , i am in urgent need of cheap agriculture land in maharashtra for Research works .Can you pls call me to discuss the deal : 08879417911


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Is there anyone who can provide contact details of the concerned person for this cheap land?

Please contact me on 8700240028.


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Looking for very very cheap land... at least 100 acres to bring back traditional living based on Varnas as prescribed in our Vedas... this would be for anyone who would like to take up their traditional livelihood and carry on for life purposes and not with an aim for mad profit, fame or material pleasures. The aim is to preserve what India was even 50 years ago for helping future generations. As it is for a public cause and I have only concept and not much money and so looking for people with like mind to donate or sell land at very cheap price.... Regards...
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Cheap Agriculture Land @ 50000

We are having agriculture land in Anantpur distt of Andhra Pradesh

Pls contact for more details

Navneet Kansal
Please contact..
Hello Naveen,

Can you share more information about the land location and other details??


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