Cheap Agri-land for sale at Anjarle,Dapoli,Ratnagiri,Konkan


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interested in same

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i am interested in this project and would like to know more about it.
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90 acres/part of barren land (17º 51’41” N, 73º 9’ 15” E) @ Rs.80, 000/acre) & 8 acres of mango plantation (@ Rs. 8 lakh/ acre) is available in Kokan, Maharashtra at Dehen, 28 kms. from Mandangad on Anjarle Rd. Road, water & electricity can be made available. Titles are clear. This land is adjacent to a property having the prestigious project of RUDRAKSHA CULTIVATION with following description:-
1. Hilly, laterite land admeasuring 7.5 acres (17º 51’41” N, 73º 9’ 15” E) at post Dehen, Tal. Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri of Konkan region in Maharashtra. Dehen is a small village, 28 km. from Mandangad (A taluka place), on Mandangad-Anjarle Road and 20 km. from Dapoli (Nearest Taluka place).Nearest Railway station is Khed whereas nearest Airport is Mumbai & Pune.
2. There are 100, 5 yrs. old mango plants & 25 fruiting cashew nut plants.
3. The proposed project is to cultivate Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) varieties (Total 1750 all over the world known in Australia as Blue Berry Ash/Quandong.
4. The project includes development of a "Nakshatravan" as well.
5. The land has a kuccha well admeasuring 25 feet in diameter, kuccha approach road admeasuring 1100 ft. in length & 15 ft. in breadth,10 HP power connection & a pucca house admeasuring 450 sq. ft. with three rooms & veranda.
6. The entire land is demarcated by Govt. authorities, presently not fenced, saucer shaped with a bottom height of 80 M above sea level & peripheral height(rim) of 105 M above sea level with a gradient of about 30 degree.
7. Konkan season is heavy rains in monsoon (4 months) followed by scarcity of water for 8 months, very hot & humid in summer (nearest sea shore is at Anjarle at a distance of 8 km.).
We are interested in low budget Agriculture land, please contact
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