Can a non farmer Buy Lands in Karnataka



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Being a Software engineer, not a farmer, can anyone buy land in karnataka. If Yes, what are the procedures to be followed.



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they are converting the land into revenue and selling it.. if you want to buy lad - you will need to convert agri land for which there is a alienation process. government will charge a fees to convert the land and thereby anybody can by it.. unfortunately the alienation process is expensive - not cos of the fees but other expenses involved (if u know what i mean)
If you own agri land in other parts of the country you are eligible but off-late they have been asking for a record of some 32 years of ownership by you or your direct family. It has become strict cos people having been buying small plots of agri land in TN and AP and using that as agri status..
Other thing is the approach the District commissioner or Asst commissioner of the district who can approve the purchase but there is a Income cap on this..
So technically it is complicated if you dont have agri background to buy land in Karnataka.. There have been talks of changing the act and laws but the Karnataka assembly is in chaos perpetually.. The Bill is tabled i believe..


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You should have income from non-agricultural sources of less than 2 lakhs/yr (I recall), so basically it rules out all taxpayers. There are loopholes (coffee plantations etc) but not worth pursuing. These legislations which are supposed to help the farmers only create problems for those non-farmers genuinely interested in pursuing agriculture as a hobby, special interest or for additional income.