Buy Agricultuar land in Karnataka



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We would like to buy an agriculture land.

The owner of the property says it is their ansisteral property and it has come to them from their fore fathers.

When we verify the mutation documents it consists of the name of current own and previous owner (Whom they say it was his father). Since it was family property, division of property among 3 brothers was done/exceuted by their mother on Rs. 5 stamp paper in 1983 but not registered, as they say he died in 1980 and their mother did the division of property

Current owner is selling part of his share and the same is what we want to buy.

But the confusion is, none of the document links/shows how the property came to his mom or how did she get this right, or relation between his mom and father. None of the documents except the property division sheet shows her name. What do we do?

Can we buy this property or what more document should we ask them for verification.

Please let us know what needs to be done.

Thanking you in advance.