BPH Cure Available & PLANT GROWTH PROMOTERS of Best Quality


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v m crop care

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We can supply material which cures problem of BPH in crops (BROWN PLANT HOPPER)
Dose: 50 gms/acre or 5 gms/15 liters of water

Plant growth promoters available in ampule form Dose: 5ml/15 liters of water

Biopesticides available : ampule form dose : 5ml/15 liters of water cures mites, thripes, larvaes

also available in Dose : 20 ml/15 liters of water.

We have silicon based sticker and spreader

We have complete range of soil granules, potassium humates, humic acid powder,

Contact us of BULK SUPPLY..... VISIT VM Crop Care for company details email us at vmcropcare@gmail.com


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