Required Black Turmeric Buyer Required for 3 years contract


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Hello, I am planning to operate a 5000 acres property near me in Odisha for short term (3 years). I was looking at fessibility of large scale Black turmeric cultivation. Are there any companies willing to get into a contract for buying the whole produce. I can cultivate other crops as long as the crops don't have long maturity period or moisture problem as Odisha is prone to cyclone and flooding between august-september every year. I am able to manage the expense of cultivation (Excluding Seeds) and harvesting. If anyone has experience in this field please let me know how i can utilize the piece of land. Also I have a thresold of 3 lac per acre revenue per year to break even anything below that will be loss. Waiting for your generous suggestions. *I will be handed the property in march 2022.
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