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For Sale Biofertilizer manufacturing plant machinery


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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as designers & manufacturers of high performance specialty plants & equipments.

Among other products, we offer state of the art plants & equipments for manufacture of biofertilizers & biopesticides.

Biofertilizers are products containing carrier based (solid or liquid) living microorganisms which are agriculturally useful in terms of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization or nutrient mobilization, to increase the productivity of the soil &/or crop. Biopesticides are microorganisms that protect plants from pathogens & pests, & improve plant disease resistance & immunity.

Biofertilizers & biopesticides are completely organic and environment-friendly, & help to reduce the need for synthetic, chemical products.

Backed by our experience & expertise of over 3 decades in the field of equipment design, process engineering & fermentation process technology, we offer numerous advantages to the entrepreneur :-

1. Low investment in plant & machinery
2. High rate of return on investment
3. Low manufacturing cost
4. High production capacity
5. High profit margin
6. Excellent quality of product
7. Low breakeven point
8. Low payback period for the investment

In addition, our equipments do not, in any way whatsoever, contribute to air, water or noise pollution. Thus, we offer both financial benefits as well as environment-friendly solutions to the entrepreneur.

Please let us know of your interest, so that we can send you our techno-commercial offer for our brand of biofertilizer manufacturing plants.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)