: Global Beverages Report


New Member Pleased to announce a new report on "Global Beverages Report" which provides analysis and Market forecast for Beverages globally.
Global Beverages Report
Until recently, the beverages market was divided simply between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. As consumers' tastes grew more sophisticated and demand surged for a variety of beverage options catering to lifestyle changes and health concerns, the beverages industry has responded with a dizzying array of options to choose from. This report focuses on the U.S. and world markets for beverages across several broad categories. ( Global Beverages Report )

For the purposes of this study, we divided the global beverages markets into the following product segments include: 1) alcoholic beverages such as wines, beers and spirits; 2) non-alcoholic beverages such as bottled water and milk; 3) brewed beverages such as coffees and teas; 4) carbonated beverages such as sodas and soft drinks; 5) non-carbonated juice products both fresh and pre-packaged; and 6) energy drinks which are generally caffeinated beverages in both carbonated and non-carbonated forms. For each market segment, this study presents the latest information on size, growth rates, sales projections and factors influencing growth in the U.S. and internationally.

Key chapters of the report are as follows :

1. Introduction

2. Global Outlook

3. Market for Beverages in Selected Countries

4. Tea

5. Coffee

6. Cocoa

7. Milk and Milk Beverages

8. Bottled Water

9. Fruit Juices

10. Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks

11. Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs)

12. Wine

13. Beer

14. Spirits

15. Beverages-Company Profiles

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