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Best Time to buy Pure Murrah Buffaloes


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Dear All, This is the best time to purchase pure murrah buffaloes. The calving season of murrah has started and great selection of high yielding pure murrah buffaloes is available at very economical prices. The price of top quality murrah buffalo is down by almost 20,000 per animal.This is an excellent opportunity for all dairy farmers to get best dairy buffalo at never before prices. all our animals are healthy, vaccinated, genetically superior and of high pedigree and productivity. Also, our farm has been rated as the best breeding farm in the state by the state government and we have a dedicated murrah breeding and research center. Our Prices are competitive and services are unmatched.

Our services include :-
1. Obtaining export permit from the government for legitimate transport of cattle from farm to your place.
2. Arrangement of skilled manpower to accompany the cattle during transit.
3. Pre vaccination of all the selected cattle against FMD and HS.
4. Preparation of Health certificate of all cattle by a competent and authorized person.
5. arrangement of transport.
6. Arrangement of Transit Insurance of Cattle (if desired)

In case of any clarification feel free to call me at 09936286478

Thanx and regards,

Model Dairy Farm,
Naramau, G.T. road, Kanpur – 209217 (India)
Phone: 09936286478 , 09936296361.
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Iam planning to set up small dairy farm in Andhra Pradesh at karimnagar dist
with 10 animals initially then iam planning to buy 10 more animals after 6

Iam looking out for pure murrah buffaloes of 2 lactation which r in
good health condition should be vaccinated yielding min 10-12 ltrs of
milk . I hve heard that pure murrah buffaloes can be available in haryana.

Please let me know the total cost of animal of above mentioned including
the transportation charge and also let me know the details of the owner
who hve purchased pure murrah buffloes in karimnagar dist.

u can reach me personally on my mail id
Awaiting for ur reply.

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)