Question Avocado plantation - Jangaon/Telangana



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I have a farm near Jangaon, Telangana, with about 15 years old 150 mango trees. I have nearly 1 acre of vacant land and am considering starting an avocado plantation.

Can anyone advise if avocados are suitable for this region? Also, where can I purchase saplings, and what are the economics of cultivation?

Thank you in advance for the help.


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Hi, Swapnil here rather going with exotic Avocado plant grow indigenous plant. Which you won't find hard to sale in indian market. As now its new trend of Avocado in market and more people are planting it, but don't know how those people will sale it, Rather you can go with Banana which is to sale in indian market and consume everyday by common man and during festive season also get a good rate of it.