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nadia zhang

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We offer professional automatic banana/plantain chips production line. Fried banana chips is one kind of snacks processed from fresh banana after being peeled, sliced, fried and seasoned. It remains the special delicious flavor of roasted banana on one respect and also keeps the characters of rich nutrition, delicious flavor. The banana/plantain chips are very popular among the customers. Therefore, our high efficient banana/plantain chips production line with large output will be the most convenient equipment for the chips processing manufactures. We have two capacities for this line: 60-70kg/h and 100-150kg/h.
If you are interested in our automatic banana/plantain chips plant, please feel free to contact me for more information.
Name: Nadia

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Kindly give me a quote on your plant based on 50- 60/k/h

1. The price of the plant whether it is fully automatic or partly automatic?
2. Cost of the production line and space required for the plant
3. Payment terms of the plant and installation and support
4. Whether your company registered with Khadi or small scale industries board for getting any form of financial aid from there?

Expecting more details from all about your plant as early as possible

Please contact me through mail....

Thanks & Regards

sudheerkumar gangadharan

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