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We Sell Fresh Ginger from North East, India.
We provide our customers Ginger in Fresh, Dry & Powder forms as per the demand.
• Widely grown in different parts of India, ginger is generally named after the localities where it is grown. Some of the indigenous cultivators of ginger in North east, Assam are Aizol, Halflong and Nadia.
• Most of ginger in North Eastern states is produced under organic conditions
• Commercial cultivation of nadia variety of ginger which was in great demand in the spices market.
• Ginger is important cash crop northeast region. Northeast region is emerging as indian’s organic ginger hub.
• Growers produce mainly two varieties of ginger: Nadia, with high fibre; and Aizol with less or no fibre. Aizol is more in demand and has negotiating value in Domestic and the international market.

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