Ashiyana Rabbit Farm - Provides training and buy-back guarantee

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Promotes rabbit farming for self-employments. Provides training and buy-back guarantee

“We are promoting the females all over India for self-employment through rabbit farming. It can be done easily along with managing the home. Rabbits are kept in cages so possible to monitor without much hassle. In addition, we make it risk free business by offering buy back policy as demand for rabbit meat in Kerala market is on constant rise,” shares Dr. Migdad Mullathayil. He is based at Tirur, Malappuram, Kerala.
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There are 12 farms all over India run under the guidance of Dr. Migdad and his wife Mrs. Jancy Migdad. Each farm is of approximately 50x50 feet area. The rabbit breeds raised are imported and exclusively used for meat purpose. “We have New Zealand white, Grey Giant, Soviet chinchilla, Soviet black and Angora,” he shares. Mullathayil couple operates under ‘buy back policy’ connecting over 40,000 all over India from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari.

These farms have about 2000-2500 rabbits. When the rabbits are about 4 months old, they are sold to farmers in individual cages. A cage of length 10 ft and breadth 4 ft divided into 10 cages comprise of 1 unit. “We buy back the rabbits when it is about 2 kgs at the rate of Rs.150/kg. We do not restrict on numbers of rabbits for buy back! We buy it all what our farmers bring for sale,” he explains the buyback policy. “If the farmer sells the rabbit for Rs. 150/kg to us then he earns about Rs. 60-70/kg as profit.” The rabbits are then re-sold at Rs. 200/kg to the end-buyers after slaughtering.

Farmers are provided guidance to solve the problems faced in rearing rabbits. Books and CDs costing Rs. 200 are also offered. Rabbit feed comprise of green leaves twice a day, morning and evening. If there are no green leaves then hay can be fed. “In the afternoon, we feed the special feed is available in the market under the brand name ‘Godrej Feed’. It contains cakes of coconut, mustard, wheat, corn and some medicines mixed with the cake,” he shares.

“If the climate is maintained well in the farm, below 30degrees, no need of vaccination.” Dr. Migdad explains. Shed should be constructed with cross ventilation so that the outside air should not enter the farm, and the floor should be of mud and not concrete. “The temperature should be controlled at 30degrees otherwise we will face lot of problems,” he clarifies.

Rabbit delivers on the 28-32 days after pregnancy. “When delivery comes about 28th day, we have to keep nest box (wood). The delivery should be conducted in the nest box,” highlights Mrs. Jancy. “Once the delivery is over, no one should go near the rabbit. If anyone goes near the rabbit, it starts jumping hastily and sometimes on bunnies. It is could be fatal and mortality rate might increase. Temperature should not exceed 30degrees.” It is advised to always maintain grass in the cage. “Beside this, the main problem is that the rabbit will have 8 nipples to feed 13 bunnies. So there should be a female involvement so that all the 13 bunnies will get milk from 8 nipples,” she shares.

“We clean the farm once in a year. We buy a solution called TM solution from Japan. It is diluted in water and used to clean the farm and deodorize,” he shares. “Once in a year, we take out the rabbit manure, about 20 kgs, and sell it at Rs. 160. The slaughtered waste is fed into the biogas unit to make biogas for cooking.”

About 80-100 kgs of rabbit meat are sold daily at Dr. Migdad farm. Chicken stalls, street food outlets and hotels are customers of rabbit meat. “In Kerala, Government is promoting rabbit meat because it is cholesterol-free meat,” he shares. The rabbits are sold mainly in nearby areas like Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. “In Punjab too we have good customers.” The sales are higher during Ramzan, Onam, Christmas and New Year.

To be a good rabbit farmer Dr. Migdad concludes with an advice, “Study about rabbit farming very well before starting the business, work hard and have dedication to the profession.”

Dr. Migdad Mullathayil has done PhD in Rabbit rearing.

Contact details:
Ashiyana Rabbit Farm
Tirur, Malappuram, Kerala - 676107
Ph:9895297205, 0494 -2429205
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I am not into rabbit business however I would like to share my views. My review is not about Ashiyan Rabbit Farm or about the business strategy but about the mindset of the person behind this venture for past 15 years Dr.Migdad. After spending more than a decade in the gulf as a professional photographer when he returned home for good he had to make a choice. Either continue as a photographer or get into some other venture. The only experience he had was farming. He was more inclined towards farming. Now the question comes what farming? Should I go for cattle, chicken or something else? That's when he got the idea of rabbit farming. Though he was new to the business he spent time to learn more and more about the subject until he earned his Ph.D. from a reputed International University. A majority of the people when heard he was going to establish a rabbit farm nobody supported him physically, financially, emotionally or mentally. Today after 15 years of ups and downs he has made a brand of his own in the farming industry and he is known as “THE KING” of rabbit farming.

What lessons can we learn? Let me take you through the 14 C's to SUCCESS which I normally teach my students worldwide

1.CHOICE - Success is a choice you make. You may either sleep day and night on the couch killing your time watching TV or get up and make your choice to live a life of your choice.Dr.Migdad made his choice; his choice was to start a rabbit farm.

2. CLARITY - You need to have a clear vision. People without vision will never succeed in life. Even if you have the latest car with the strongest engine power you won't be able to drive fast on a foggy day. Clarity is essential. You must be able to see yourself 5 years down the line. 80% of all businesses fail in the first couple of years. Reason? they don't have clarity. As an entrepreneur or as a leader your goal must be clear.Dr.Migdad had a clear goal. His goal was to be one of the best rabbit farms in the entire country.

3. CAUSE - You need to know why you do what you do ? Without knowing the purpose you are wasting your time. Whatever business you are into, you need to ask - is this business or is this career making any sense? If the answer is no, then you should be looking for something else. In the case of Dr.Migdad, his cause was to help and support his clients to build an independent farming business by buying back the rabbits. He does not give a rabbit, he teaches his clients how to build a business out of a rabbit. Like the old English saying " if I give you a fish, I feed you for a day. If I teach you how to fish I feed you for your entire life"

4. CONCENTRATION - Whatever happens in life you must not lose your focus. If you lose your focus you miss the goal. It is like driving a need to always focus on the road rather on your mobile phone. Life is not easy, you will have ups and downs in life. You may have to go through bad weather, heavy traffic, failing in your exam, losing your dear ones etc....whatever happens you got to focus on your goal .Dr.Migdad had to go through lots of ups and downs but he never moved from his goal. He was crystal clear about his goal and was 100% focused.

5. COURAGE - Courage is something you need to have before you take action. Where do you get courage from? It comes from either Inspiration or Desperation .Dr.Migdad had the courage because he had to survive. He had a family to take care of. It is his courage that made him establish Ashiyana Rabbit Farm.

6. CONFIDENCE - What is confidence? Are courage and confidence the same? The answer is no. You need the courage to take action. If you consistently take action, it will build your confidence. You build confidence by failing and learning .Dr.Migdad learned from his mistakes - today he is an Expert in Rabbit Farming. Understand - Experience does not make you an Expert unless you become a Master in what you have experienced.

7. COMMITMENT - Without commitment, you can't be successful in life. Commitment means taking responsibility. You are accountable for all the actions you take. There is no place for excuses, blame or complaints.Dr.Migdad wakes up early, he ensures that the farm is neat and clean before his customers walk in by 08:00 in the morning. He ensures that he is prepared and free from all other engagements so that he can pay 100% attention to his customers.

8. COMPETENCY - What is competency? As per my definition, Competency is a mixture of 5 elements I call "KASSH". What does KASSH stand for? Knowledge,Action, Skills, Strategies & Habits.

9. CONSISTENCY - One of the reasons why the rabbit lost to the tortoise is the lack of consistency. Consistency means moving in a phase without stopping. Whether your business is in good shape or bad you have to keep moving forward without slowing down. When news came about banning slaughtering of rabbits most of the farms stopped their business,Dr.Migdad kept moving. That’s the secret of his success. He never gave up.

10. CONTROL - Don't allow your life to take control of you rather you take control of your life. You decide what to do when to do, where to do, how to do, with whom to do etc. As mentioned earlier if you lose your control you lose your focus and if you lose your focus you miss your goal.

11. CONTINUES LEARNING - Learn as if you are going to live forever and live as if today was your last day. Learning is living and Living is learning. Your earnings are the result of your learning’s. Keep learning. The more you teach the more you learn.Dr.Migdad teaches his clients on a regular basis, therefore, he keeps learning.

12. CAPITAL & CASHFLOW - People think that if you have capital you can run a business. Well, a capital amount is required to start a business but the blood of a business to survive is the cash flow. If you don't generate money from the business, your business will die. Therefore ensure you have enough fund to start your business and to pump money into the business as and when required.

13. COMPASSION - Ensure you give back to the society. It is not what you have; it is what you do with what you have that makes you a winner or a loser. Everybody has 24 hours, it is what you do with your time, health, wealth, knowledge etc. that makes you or breaks you. Utilize your health, wealth, knowledge and time in the best way possible.

14. CHARACTER - Success is not about what you have or what you do - it is all about what you BECOME. Success is a journey...and you are the passenger on that journey.


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its nice business im intrested...
i have 4.5acers land in Gujarat
I want to start this business Plzz Guide me

WhatsApp number.
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Hello Sir & Madam
Good to hear about your business, I have about 8 Acres of land in Tumkur District. I have a few questions could you kindly guide me.
1. Is the weather for rabbit farming at Tumkur is ok?
2. How much labour is involved intaking care of the Rabbit Farm, what is the amount of water required?
3. What would be the basic minimum cost to start a Rabbit Farm?
4. Buy back facility means you will will send to team to the farm or we should get it delivered.
Kindly Guide me. I am B.Madhusudan 98451 37288


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Hi All,
I want to do Rabbit farming in Ambernath (Maharastra). Can anyone guide me the do's and dont's in this business. Please contact me 9324442666/
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