Aromatic Oil (RRL-CN-5) Project

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This article is in the interest of the Farmers those who are badly affected by the Climate (Less rain fall, Excessive rain fall, Untimely rainfall, Storm and Hail storm - (Garpeet/Oley)). Now a days Hailstorm and Untimely rains are the major problem of the farmer and it affects almost all the crop including Horticulture and now it has become a routine pattern at least last three years and it may continue further.
This is one Agro Project which is almost not affected by the above problems of the Climate and Help farmer to sustain his Life in better way, kindly have a look on below information, thanks.

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It is Agro Industry Project- Risk Free
Advantage of this Project-
1. Net average Profit from 20 acres- Rs.14,00,000/- yearly. (Rs.70 to 80 Thousand per acre)
2. Plantation once for 5 to 6 years- No Sowing again and again.
3. Only 3 to 4 labor can maintain 15 to 20 acre plot- No problem of labor scarcity.
4. No risk of Wild and Domestic animal - No need of Expensive fencing, Suitable for Farms adjoin/near to Forest area.
5. No risk of Theft - By Inside labor or outsiders as they cannot sale the product in local market or use it.
6. No much effect of Less, Excess/ Heavy, Untimely rains or Hailstorms (Garpeet)- Risk free from Odd Climatic conditions.
7. Money flow every after two month- Need not to wait for long gestation periods.
8. No Pest and Disease- No need of expensive Insecticide/Pesticide and Weedicide.
9. It is Aromatic Oil (RRL-CN-5) Project- Better than Palmarosa and other grasses.
10. High export Potential as it contain Geranyle Acetate and it is the only Natural source.
We provide complete Project Consultancy/Information Right from Selection of Land to Marketing of the Product (Oil). For details please Call- 094228 81280 or Write-
Note:- We also deals in Secured Fund Management, Kindly contact for details.

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