Appoint Dealer for high P & K Organic manure

Dear All,

We are gujarat base organic manure manufacturer and we are plan to appoint dealer state wise of our high P & K Organic manure.

our organic Potash and Phos Manure has a balanced composition of macro and
micro nutrients. It is in powder form and its specifications are as

macro nutrients:
phosphorous:12. 07%
potassium: 12. 77%
nitrogen content: 0. 26%

micro nutrients:
mn: 8. 05ppm
mg: 6. 88%
cu: 118. 82ppm
zn: 545. 20ppm
ca: 7. 69%
fe: 2. 59%

available in 40 kg plane bags.

And price of our product is very low.

Pls feel free to contact us.


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Mahammadbhai S. Rathod

Hi, please give the details of your products and prices.
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