Analysis of crusher machine to several reasons for production requirements


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The crusher is a reference to the crusher working principle, and according to the specific use of user information feedback, new sand making machine combined with the advantages of the design (Crushers).
The crusher is a high-efficiency, gravel sand making equipment and energy saving, energy saving than the traditional sand making machine 50%, is rod mill type sand making machine, impact type system sand machine, straight through type sand making machine alternative products; at the same time concrete crusher in kenya for sale yield high, high yield, high velocity, wear parts material, machine body structure, grid plate design, steel hard extrusion effect, fully realize the effective control of the grain size long-term stability, has the characteristics of high efficiency, low power consumption and finely, good dustproof effect, long service life of wearing parts, accessories, low cost, high rate of repair, simple operation etc..
However, some use the unit found in the production process, the output of the crusher sometimes does not meet the design requirements. The broken machine in production can not reach to the production requirements analysis we can draw the following several kinds:
1 The range of into the Kenya Concrete Crushing Machines broken material hardness or toughness over the use of the specification;
2 into the crusher broken material particle size than the numerical range of specified;
3 motor wiring position reverse, host to open anti vehicle, or motor delta connection are connected into a star connection method;
4 The kenya stone crusher dealers discharge port is less than the specified limit;
5 plate hammer or hammer wear;
6 work site voltage too low;
7 The gap between the plate hammer or hammer and impact plate is too small;
8 sieve is damaged or blocked.
Through the above analysis that can be broadly broken machine output is not up to the requirements of reasons, through the analysis to find out the reasons for problems to solve, the effect is more obvious, find out the reason again after solving the problem of fast and easy.

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