Article An inspirational story of a student on the path of mushroom cultivation


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Name : V. Dhivagar, Village : Sengattupatti, Block : Thuraiyur, District : Sengattupatti.

Mr. V. Dhivagar, is from hardworking farmer's family . He got training from Indian overseas Bank - Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI )and KVK to grow Mushroom.
Since paddy was cheaper than wheat , he started following innovative works such as cultivation of Oyster mushroom on waste of paddy seed , Oyster mushroom and marketing of mushroom.
He is producing mushroom around the year adopting Oyster mushroom species of mushroom as well as he is producing mushroom spawn and providing it to the nearby area.
He received the training for cultivation of mushroom from RSETI and KVK along with other fellow farmer's.
In the beginning he established his mushroom production unit in 680 square feet area, and purchased mushroom spawn from Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute - College of Agriculture in Navalurkottapattu, Tamil Nadu and prepare 90 bags from 25 kg of spawn . At present he is earning 30,000/ month from selling fresh Oyster mushroom. Later, he received proper training in mushroom production with the support and facilitation provided by RSETI and KVK and purchased necessary equipment for Oyster mushroom cultivation.
Importance for Farmer's :
This enterprise is very beneficial for both women and men in rural areas for income generation as the raw materials ( paddy straw) are easily available as crop residue. The cost of making the wall hanging and other decorative items and also lower therefore it can be taken as the popular rural craft by farmer's and youth. This is eco - friendly innovation and helps in maintaining cleanliness in the environment by proper use of agricultural residue and benefiting for farmer's.

Achievements :
He with his dedication , keenness to exchange and share innovative knowledge and motivation provided to other farmer's; now many farmers in village near by Sengattupatti, thuraiyur are engaged with the oyster mushroom cultivation and earning more money by this and it is the main source livelihood promotion. He wishes to develop well equipped mushroom spawn lab to fulfill the requirements of nearby villages.
He planned to make a mushroom hub in Sengattupatti village. In the beginning he established his mushroom production unit and purchased spawn in anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College, Navalurkottapattu, Tamil Nadu and prepared 90 bags from 25 kg of spawn of Oyster mushroom. At present he is earning 30000 per month from selling fresh Oyster mushroom.

For further details contact,
Ms. Syed.Sayera - B.Sc., (Hons) Agriculture, Mr. C. Rajesh, Assistant Professor in Microbiology ,, phone number: 9750154721, Nalanda College of Agriculture, M.R. Palayam, Tiruchirapalli.

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