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Amla is a small to medium sized woody tree, with light grey bark and many tiny closely set leaves. The flowers are greenish yellow and fruits are rounded, pale yellow and fleshy with 3-sided seeds.

We supply Amla seeds to all over india. It uses for OIL Extraction
The medicinal values of amla have been recognized since remote past as the highest content of vitamin C of any natural occurring substances in nature. Our team of quality controllers stringently checks our range for quality and nutrient value before they are delivered to the market ensuring that they are beneficial to the end users.


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Diabetic care juice

Diabetic Care:-

Diabetic Care Juice is a unique combination of nutritional rich & rare fruits and herbs viz Aloevera, Amla, Kala Jamun, Karela, Harede, Bahera and Gurmar.

It is used to control the blood sugar level without any adverse side effect.


• No Sideffect
• No Artificial colour
• 100% Sugar Free

You can send your queries to us on:



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stevia sapplings for sale

Dear viewers

We are Hahenemann Charitable Mission Society seeking that every farmer have tha knowledge about this stevia plant.You can know more about this plant by log in to our website HCMS

This stevia plant is very much beneficial for farming.We are providing stevia sappllings in bulk.

Interested people can send their requirement to our mail id info.hcms@gmail.com

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Stevioside for sale


This is extracted from stevia dry leaves.Basically it is used for diabetic patient.It helps in to prevent obesity.The stevioside is beneficial to prevent more disease like stress, acidity and more.

We are providing stevioside in bulk.Interested purchasers contact at +91-9887555005 for more detail you can visit our website HCMS or visit us on:
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