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Agroforestry- Intercropping of Poplar with Turmeric


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Dear All,
We have our farm located in Western Uttar Pradesh. Since last two years we have been experimenting with different crops. The idea is to create a sustainable and optimum utilisation pattern for our farm land. Starting this year we are also trying to convert a portion of our land into Organic Farming.
As i remember of myself, there is a clear gap between people like me, seeking information on better utilisation of land and illustrative step by step visual guide to such endeavours. Keeping that in mind, this season onward i would document our farm activities through videos and update you guys about it.
I hope an year down the line, people will have a hands on experience of a fellow farmer on related endeavors.

So keeping that in mind, i have uploaded first of my video on You Tube. This video series would cover an area of one acre on which we have planted Poplar plant. Turmeric would also be raised as a secondary crop on this field. I have felt a possible symbiotic relation between Poplar and Turmeric.
Poplar being a deciduous plant will provide enormous amount of bio compost therefore increasing the organic content of the land. Further it would also provide a relatively shady and humid local zone, suitable for growth of Turmeric. Turmeric on the other hand being raised as the instant crop would have sufficient water and manure, so Poplar plants would never be short of same.
Of course these are based on my gut feel and some research work i have done and the results would be available in public domain here.

To limit the post here, following is the link to my video.

Intercropping of Turmeric with Poplar - YouTube

More videos are to come and more info here as well
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)