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We provide consultancy for the food processing. The food processing industry is one of the emerged ever green industries in world. As the trade across the border is increasing, a lot of changes take place in the agriculture produce after the harvesting, especially in the case fruit and vegetables. The role of food processing industry starts from harvesting of the farm produce and ends up to reaching it up to the plat of the end user.

Farm produce is processed to increase the self like of produce like packing and packing, preservation of the fruit and vegetables, process into new product through product development, canning grading, shorting, grinding, juice extraction.

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Our expert will understand your need and explain you about your requirement, as per your requirement we will provide solution to you about the market demand of production, proposed market, selection of location for the industry, detailed Project report of your venture, financial analysis of you venture, erection of structure, purchase of plant and machinery, purchase of the required chemicals, development of the procurement channel for the raw material, marketing support for the finished product, Identify the prospective buyers, recruitment of the efficient staff, training of the staff,

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