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Hello From Miss Flornic

With due respect and humility I write you this letter which I believe you would be of great assistance to me.
I am From Miss Flornic I want you to help me invest my money into a profitable business in your Country as my partner. My father was into real estate business for many years before he was poisoned on his way coming back from business trip.I will give you details once you reply my message.
Please i will be glad if you can help me invest in a profitable business in your country, If you agree, we shall both share the total annual profit.
I am thinking of investing into any of these area like (REAL ESTATE, 5 STAR HOTEL, TRANSPORTATION or COMMUNICATION) Please your suggestion and idea will be fine for me.

I demand you treat this very confidential. I will give you full details of the funds concerning the transfer as soon as I receive your response.
waiting for your sonnest respond

Most Regard
From Miss Flornic
I Feel the flornic01 post is a fraud post, Moderator has to take care this..

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