Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Agriculture Shredder Machine


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Flowchem Process Equipments’ FPE 150 Agro Shredder is designed to work quickly and efficiently, providing total safety at low cost. The primary function of this quality product is to shred the organic material, used to generate organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is natural source for organic farming. Agro Shredder is ideal for temples, party plots, universities, clubs, farms, factories, gardens, horticulture farms and Govt. institutes. It can shred all types of organic materials like grass, trimmings from tress, hedges, branches, bushes, leaves, dry flowers, domestic residues (leftover food, vegetables and fruits), egg shells, bones, meals, paper, etc. It is easy to operate. The equipment comes with safety locks, ensures safety of the user.

• Ideal for farms, gardens, agricultural universities, housing societies, clubs and institutes having gardens.
• Excellent solution to shred.
• Converts waste from Forest, Agriculture, Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables and Garden into manure.
• “WEALTH from WASTE” – generates revenue from organic manure.
• Improves your carbon credit by reducing your waste.
• Reduce garden waste from sprawling pile of cuttings and branches into a smaller volume.
• Recycle from wood waste and leave to mulch and compost
• Reuse the final output i.e. manure and save money annually.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)