Agriculture land in sindhudurg Maharashtra Konkan

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We do have agriculture land in sindhudurg Maharashtra.We do have properties ranging from 60 thosand to 4 lakhs per acre depending upon the location.we have small as well as upto 500 acres plot for sale with us.if interested do feel free to send in your requirement on my mail id. .
That would help us in sending you an appropriate offers.

Well talking about Sindhudurg is the border district to goa in south maharashtra.It has been declared as a tourism zone by the goverment.And its well connect by Rail,Road and by Sea with different parts of India.So it has got an great value for your investment.and also the climate is favrable for different crops over here.You can do mango Cashew rubber beatlenut etc to name a few.

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I need 5- 6 acre agricultural land costing Rs60,000 per acre. A Kuccha or pucca road for a four wheeler must be leading to the land.
If you have scrap land or barren land for dairy project will also serve my purpose.

Please send me the details on my email id.Please contact... My email add is :
or call me on +91 9619194125

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land in Sindhudurg

please give details of location of land suitable for agriculture also give your contact details for personal discussion.
Anurag Chaudhary
Please contact....
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Hi James,

Can you please send me your contact details and phone number. I am interested in buying land around 50 acres.


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Hi James,

Can you email me the details or call me . I am interested in buying land immediately.

Thanks & Regards,

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looking plot in malvan

Hi , i am looking for purchase 5 gunths plot in there any availability,and if yes then how much cost per guntha, any loan facility available.


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Hi, I am interested in land in the sindhudurg border of Goa and Maharashtra, do you have email / please let me know, interested in quite a lot of acres.