For Sale Agriculture land in Nellore, Andhrapradesh for urgent sale

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New Member
Dear all,
We have land as per below in NELLORE ...AP

Near gudur,2.5 kms from gudur, kuditipalem village lo 42 acres land. Each acre 13.5 lakes.
Lingasamudram lo 8acres undhi each acre 6lakhs.6kms from sydapuram.
3.3acres each 3.5lakhs each.near sydapuram.
3.45acres each 3.5lakhs in paluru village.near sydapuram.
Above land is Metta.

Agricultural land 15kms from 12acres each 7lakhs.
Devaravemurru village 12acres each 12lakhs.
In muduvarthi village ,vidavaluru mandalam 10acres each 16lakhs.

Pls call for more details 9880415253