Agriculture land for sale in DELTA REGION - 10 Acres



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Agriculture land for immediate sale in DELTA REGION in Tamilnadu.

Geography: What is DELTA REGION: Any land situated near the bank of a river. This land is situated in the banks of river Cauvery in Tamilnadu at THOTTIAM. This town is situated on the main road of Trichy - Bangalore highway. This land is just 1.5 KM from the highway. Very fertile and a new Dairy farm is under construction. Thottiam is also famously known as banana city. Please visit Thottiyam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more interesting facts.

History: This 10 acre land was owned by multiple farmers for last 100 years and has been consolidated few years back and is now owned by a single owner.

Civics:The present owner is the sole single regsitered individual who has right to sell.

Salient features:

1.This land is fertile and best used for sugarcane cultivation previously untill 2007. Complete soil test certificate from Agriculture dept is available.

2. Free state electricity service is available 22 hours per day.

3. one water rich well is situated in the land.

4.The water is distributed to all 10 acres by gate valve fitted pipes that runs underground. Piping plan is available.

5. Another well is shared with the adjacent land. so totally 1.5 well water is utilized.

6. The land has approved PATTA.

7. The land has a new house that has a Kitchen / hall / a bedroom with attached toilets.. first floor is getting a thatched guest house soon with attached toilet.

8.A new modern cow shed is constructed, it can house 35 cows.

9.Servant quaters is being built and completion is expected by next 20 days.

10.The land now has hybrid grass for cows. CO3, C04, Desmanthes, COCFS and maize for cattle rearing in 7 acres. Vegtable garden is planned green house is planned.

11.The land is also lavishig some matured 250 coconut trees that are 5 years old.Teak plantaion in the borders to start soon.

12. The land is at mountain view. Naturally surrounded by live fence, and delta area is famous for NO TRESPASSING rule practiced by all farmers.

13. All milking machineries are avilable. This is perfect location for starting a dairy farm. (2 milking mac, Brush cutter, chauff cutter, Milk cans, Water tanks 6000 litres)

14. All big private dairies (Vijay, Heritage, Hatsun, VK, ABT Sakthi) and Avin are present in the route.

PRICING details: 67 lakhs as is. I can also procure high yielding cows for you to start the farm. This piece is heaven on earth. I am planning to procure 50 cows in next 6 months. The price will touch 80 lacs by July 2010 with cows.

BROKERS please excuse. Only geninue interested parties that has real interest in agri. contact me.

Also I am working on few Research and development project on Hydroponics.
Interested parties, students and investors can contact me.

please contact....
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Sale of Land

Is the price quoted is for the entire lot? Please mail me,please contact....
My name is Raghavan
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Hi, the price includes for 10 acres as is (house, shed, stores room, and servant qtrs). contact me...

Is the price quoted is for the entire lot? Please mail me,please contact....
My name is Raghavan
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