Land Available Agri/Multi purpose Land for sale in Tamilnadu

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Hello.. Am Er.Vikram..

My property is a Full Fenced Freehold Prime Land 5.75 acres with House, Poultry Shed 10500 sqft, Cattle shed 1 ground, Kennels, etc., etc., available immediately for sale in Karur District, TamilNadu.

Ideal land for agriculture, farming and cattle breeding, stock yard, etc.

Connecting panchayat main road..

Easy access to NH..

Nearby hospitals, schools, colleges..

2 Entries to road access for vehicles from the property

2 Big gates at two entrances.

2 Borewells - 750ft, 550ft

EB Connections - 1 Domestic, 1 Flower Garden, 1 Commercial

15 CCTV Cameras

Poultry shed 10500 sq ft (active state) to accomodate 8500 broiler chickens approx. along with its fittings like automated food feeder, automatic water supply pipelines, sprinkler, chick feed storage unit, partition mesh, etc., etc.,

500 Trees in 1.5 acres with full pipeline connections and dripper connections - Teak, Mango, Tamarind, Amla, Guava, Coconut, Cashew, Lemon, Sappota, Pommegranatte, Orange, Citron, Agathi, Plantain, Neem, Drumstick etc., and flower varieties - Chempaka, Magizham, Parijatham, Rose, Arali, Jasmine, Mullai etc., and few more medicinal plants.

3 acres for cultivation - seperate pipeline connection from water tank

Swimming pool Size 17*27*5 with capacity - 1 Lakh litres

2 water storage brick work tanks - 500 litres each

4 water storage SYNTEX tanks - 2000 litres each for poultry farm

2 Cattle sheds for 3 + 20 cows
(Currently there are 2 cows and 2 calves which can also be taken)

3 Kennels for Dogs

FULLY FURNISHED (1.5 Ton fitted split AC, 2 Ton imported Window AC, 1 Ton imported Japanese make PORTABLE AC, One Small Fridge, One imported big flat TV with Sun Direct Connection, One imported TV connected with CCTV, One small TV ) RCC roofed Guest house with Hall, Kitchen and attached Bath/Toilet.. A very big cement platform space having cement bench like structure throughout with asbestros roof (1200 sqft approx)

Servant quarters

Motor Room

and few more facilities..

If interested, contact for details..

Thank U..


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Hi sir,

Interested on this land. I need some details. Price per acre?
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