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advise me to start Dairy Form..


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Hi All,

Good Morning!

I am agricultural family background and at present working in IT company. Wish to start a own business in my village with diary form. So I wish to gain some knowledge about that also wish to meet some experiences people in that domain.

My land is near Thiruvannamalani with around three acres, is that good place to start dairy form because the weather is too hot.

Please advise me on this also i am very much interested to get more information about the business ethics to start a daily form.

Thanks in advance.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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If you have no experience - start with a small number - say 3 cows for about 2-3 years. Then you can judge your capabilities and potential to upgrade to as many cows as you can.
The initial experiences in looking after , careing and maintaining the small number of cows is crutially important in your study to assess your capabilities.
There are many things you need to arrange - shed , workers-maintenence,milkman , Vet , feed suplier , milk distribution, insurance..

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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In starting stage its better to keep 10 cows, learn the art of cow farming. Avoid brokers while purchasing cows. Avoid farms too. Imagine i have a farm and you are coming to buy cows. I will give the cows which are non productive or having some incurable disease. Better to go with a reliable farmer friend who knows how to select cows. A fat cow may not give good milk i mean more quantity. Good cows are available at kaverippattinam village near krishnagiri /near dharmapuri a place called kariamangalam, Bangalore- Salem route(market on tuesdays early morning). You may have to negotiate hard. See the cow you would like to buy getting milked for 3 times continuously. Get information about the feeds given too by them

You need a cow shed with sloped floor towards the back of the cow. A mild slope for the water to drain (say 1 %). If slope is too much, it will be dangerous for cows, human beings and for pregnant cows. A cow needs a standing place of 2 meter length and 4 feet width apart from the feeding manger in front of the cow 1/2 metre.The feeding manger should be in the shape of the alphabet ‘C’ turned to the left.

You don’t need any special permission from any govt body to start dairy farm. The building (cow shed) needs building permit as per your plan from the local panchayat. There is absolutely no harm in using machines. You will get good, clean, hygienic milk without froth from the machine.

For 10 cows if you need a single can machine with oil free vacuum pump and oil free pneumatic pulsator. 1 or 2 people can manage.

Having a bulk milk cooler is a good idea because milk will not get spoiled. (Not recommended for 10 cows). But if you have the facility to sell the milk as soon as it is milked, you don’t have to spend money for buying a cooler. Please do not buy local coolers, buy it from reputed companies only.

Milking machines normally works on electricity and it has a milking can with 30 litre capacity. Buy only good machines with pneumatic oil free pulsator and vacuum pump. We are in that business. It’s better to have generator back up as during milking time you need power back up. Never buy machines with old /outdated technology which works with the sound of a steam engine in today’s world. Make sure it presses only two teats (pulsation in opposite teats, one in the front and another at the back) and not pressing all the four teats which is technically wrong thing to do, how we milk our cow with both hands. Never buy local or machines manufactured in countries from where we normally see tape recorders or dvd players in the grey market,throw away stuff.A good machine will cost you.Never run after subsidies.You end up spending more than the money earned.

Money is there from the front of the cow ( milk) and back of the cow ( cow dung conversion to organic manure or vermi compost with earthworms- you make vermi compost by leaving good earth worms- its having good demand in places where vegetable cultivation/flowers/coconut/where ever is there chemical fertilizer is used.)

Maintaining buffaloes is good but not recommended for beginners. Keep cows, learn the art of dairying, and then you can venture into buffaloes. They yield less compared to cows, but as the fat percentage in milk is more you may get more money for their milk per litre cost. (Buffalo curd is tastier).

When they become old you dispose it off or give it to some goshala. When they are dry, inseminate them if they are in good health. For any cow dry period is there.

You need a small trolley machine with 30 litre can cluster assembly with oil free pneumatic pulsator. With one can you should be able to milk 10 cows in one hour. For cleaning milking equipment like milking cans you need acid and alkaline detergents. Soap is ruled out as milk will get the smell of soap.

I am importing machines from turkey which is ISO certified and manufactured as per European norms ( I visited turkey last year to learn more on dairy farming.

Drinking bowl fixed in front of the cow, bowl made of SS, ensures that your cow gets good clean drinking water whenever it needs, from the overhead tank. Water starts flowing when cow puts it head inside by the lower jaw of the cow pressing the lever inside the water bowl. A good cow requires about 100 litres of water a day.

Calf bottle- for calves, you can feed required quantity of milk through the feeding bottle. It’s better to avoid leaving the calves for drinking milk from the cow's udder as it may bite and injure the cow. If pain is there cow will not give you milk.

With Chaff cutter you can cut CO3 grass (which grows up to 7 feet height, may be more too) to small pieces. For 10 cows hand driven is more than enough.

I am recovering from an accident which left me paralyzed for more than a year. I am slowly recovering from the accident. I can walk now, moving around in my car. I have service people who can install the machine and train you.

Keep in touch.
Murali Krishnan
Mr Krishnan,

It is really very useful information. Thank you.

I hope you soon get well, help and train dairy farmers.



Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Hi Muruli,

Thank you very much for the detailed information.

Could you please help me to get live interactions with the dairy form business people who already being involve; I hope this go live experience will give me more idea to start the business. Also could I know how much we need to invest to start the business with approx. 15 cows? (cows+Sheds+mechines+maintenance+labours)

Well in my home, we have already 5 cow, those are normal not like imported Jercy varieties, at present I would like to start with 15 to 20 cows, so please provide me some daily form address info details.


Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)