6th Palm Oil Asia Summit, 13-14 Aug, 2014 - Jakarta


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6th Palm Oil Asia Summit, 13-14 Aug, 2014 - Jakarta

Themed: "Mounting Pressures on Sustainability & New Challenges for the Palm Oil Industry"
** Finding a compromise and common ground for the multiple sustainable standards
**Indonesia's Biofuel Mandate - As dry weather in Asia is threatening to curb supply of palm oil , just as demand in biodiesel increases, it remains to be seen how much of Indonesia's biodiesel mandate can be fulfilled
**India's recent policy changes and impact on their palm oil imports
**Four Pillars of Sustainable Palm Oil from Univanich - Thailand's largest sustainable and most successful palm oil producer
** Africa - Sharing of lessons learnt by Olam
**Improvement in Planting Materials and Soil & water resources management
**Strategies for sustainable upstream yield improvement
**Finding added value in palm oil waste

For more information please click on the link:6th Palm Oil Asia Summit - About Event | About Conference

Or contact Hafizah Adam: hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg
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